• Sometimes people use a real live draft board, typically however most drafts are handled on a hosting site.
  • Most players use fantasy hosting sites which automate the tedious tasks such as calculating scores.
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The virtual lockeroom for fantasy football coaches to scout, draft, and manage their teams.

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Fantasy football is when groups of football fans compete to see who can draft and play the best football team using the talent pool of the entire NFL. A league can have as little or as many players as is desired, but most operate between 4-20 teams. Each team has a certain number of slots at each position and the fantasy owners try to fill those slots with the best possible players based on statistics. Each player may only be drafted once in most leagues. Most leagues begin with a live draft to determine who gets which player. There are many different types of drafts, but the most common is called a serpentine or "snake draft" in which the teams draft from the first to last team, then last to first until all roster spots become filled. Then each week, as games are played the players who have been used to fill the slots will score points based on their statistics. The majority of leagues these days are head-to-head leagues, in which two teams have their team scores compared to determine the winner for the week. It is also common practice to have playoffs in which the teams with the best records square off to determine a championship.

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