Fantasy Football was born in March 1962 in a hotel room somewhere in New York City. Three men, Wilfred Winkenbach (an Oakland area businessman and limited partner in the Oakland Raiders organization), Bill Tunnel (Raiders Public Relations person), and Scotty Stirling (Tribune reporter) developed the rules and policies in this hotel room that would eventually be the cornerstone for all modern fantasy football.

First Fantasy Football LeagueEdit

The first ever leage was called the GOPPPL, or the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League). This first draft took place in Winkenbach's rumpus room in Oakland, California in August 1963. The league consisted of 8 members, made up of AFL affliates, journalists, and Raiders season ticket purchasers. The first ever fantasy football draft pick was Hall of Famer George Blanda. The GOPPPL still exists and celebrated their 50th year in 2012.


The following was how the first rosters were set up:

  • 2 Quaterbacks
  • 4 Halfbacks
  • 2 Fullbacks
  • 4 Offensive Ends
  • 2 Kick/Punt Returners
  • 2 Field Goal Kickers
  • 2 Defensive Linemen

Online Fantasy FootballEdit

Before 1997, all drafts and stat collections had to be done manually through live drafts and collecting information through newspapers. Before the 1997 NFL season, CBS announced that they would release the first free, publicly available website to manage drafts and teams. This would completely change the fantasy football world, allowing fantasy players to manages teams easily from anywhere in the world. Now, all popular sports websites offer a fantasy football hosting websites.

By The NumbersEdit

Fantasy Football players through the decades:

  • 1989 : about 10,000,000 players
  • 2006 : about 12,000,000 players
  • 2013 : about 20,000,000 players